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For Sale

We have 14 individual and 2 pairs of miniature horses for sale. All of our horses have been professionally trained and have been socialized with people and other horses. Please email us for more information about any of the horses you see below.

Tiny Trails Fantastic Honey Blue

A 21 year-old Palomino broodmare
with excellent blood lines.
AMHR # 243913A
Date of Birth: April 1991
Price: $2,500
Baby Gaga

A 1 year-old, 28" chocolate Palomino.
She is a very sweet horse who is loyal
and affectionate to all people.
Price: $5,000


A 16 year-old Palomino broodmare
with excellent bloodlines.
Price: $2,500

 Spice Girl

A 2 year-old, 30" sorrel mare with a
beautiful flaxen mane and tail.
Date of Birth: January 2010
Price: $5,000

Galloping Dreamsicle

A 16 year-old, 30.75" red dun broodmare with excellent bloodlines.
AMHR #243914A
Date of Birth: July 1995
Price: $2,500

Dream's Angel

A beautiful white, 35.5" 2 year-old mare.
Price: $1,500

 L&M Poco Gringo

A 9 year-old gelding who can
pull carts and carriages.
He is also wonderful with hand-led
pony rides and children of all ages.
AMHR # A 88118
Price: $3,500

 Jewel and Jazz

This gelding and mare are 5 years old.
They are able to pull a cart
and doctor's carriage.
Price: $6,000


Tucker is a 5 year old, 35" Shetland Pony gelding. He is able to pull a cart and carriage solo
and as a pair. He also is experienced
in performing tricks and going
on hand-led pony rides.
Price: $4,500  


Ghost Rider's Gem

He is a 1 year-old colt with blue eyes
that was born on the property.
He can also be sold as a gelding.
Price: $1,500 


Dream's Rider Heart and 
Drean Rider's Image

Dream Rider's Heart (left image)
is a 1 year old, 30" buckskin.
Dream Rider's Image (right image)
is a 1 year old, 30" buckskin.
They are being sold as a pair as
either colts or geldings.
Both were born on the property.
Price: $3,000


Country's Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a 5 year-old, 31" perlino stallion who has sired 4 of the horses born on the property.
He has beautiful blue eyes and a flaxen mane and tail.
He is registered with the AMHR.
Date of Birth: April 2006
Price: $3,500

Mistletoe's Crystal Snowflake

A 5 year-old pinto mare who
can pull a cart. When her hair is grown
out she has beautiful black markings
around her eyes and backside.
She has one gorgeous blue eye.
AMHR #2856827
Date of Birth: August 2006
Price: $2,500


 Charming Blue Fancy

A 2 year-old 35 inch tall palomino that
can be sold as a colt or a gelding.
Date of Birth: May 2009
Price: $2,000
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