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We are insured. We plan to never use it and are very safety conscious. We can provide you with copies of our insurance upon request. Our customers can, if necessary, become additional insured on our policy the day of the event. This service is usually free or for a nominal charge, depending upon the circumstances.

We are licensed by the city of Oklahoma. Our carriages have been inspected by the Oklahoma city police department and are street legal.

Our horses have been inspected by the animal welfare department. They are well cared for and very much loved.

My daughter and I also have a licenses to drive a carriage on the street.

For the safety of the children we ask that there not be any open toed shoes. It is to easy to have a toe or foot stepped on.

Please keep all dogs put away at the time of the party.

There is absolutely no double riding one child at a time. This is serious safety risk.

If we are at a location you choose you need to make sure the working surfaces are good.

Pony may work on grass,dirt, sidewalk, tarmac but not on rocks, sand or steep slopes.

Ponies cannot work on any area that has been chemically treated (fertilizer or insecticide) within the past 7 days due to danger to the ponies.

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